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Gotta Go Racers

Words alone cannot describe the hilarious laughter of racing porcelain Porsches (toilets!) around the inflatable oval race track. Battery operated with non-marking tires, these motorized toilets will scoot upwards of 6 MPH in head to head racing action. Host a TP200 race at your next special event! Race track must be located on a hard surface and cannot take place on gravel or grass areas.

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25x50x8 on hard surface


1 110v / 20 amp circuit



1. Assumed Risk. The entertainment equipment has been previously checked to insure safe mechanical operation. However, due to the uncontrollable actions of participants, uncontrollable motions that may be directed toward opponents, or contact involved with this event, injury may occur during participation. In consideration for allowing participation of individuals on entertainment events provided by UltraSound Special Events Inc., contestants agree to hold harmless UltraSound and release them from liability for injuries or damage suffered to person or property.


2. Parental Consent required for participation of children under 18 years of age.


3. Participants must wear helmets and be able to safely place feet on foot pads. Shoes remain on for this event and proper footwear is required. No sandals or open toe shoes are permitted.


4. A maximum of two persons will be permitted within track area at all times.


5. No spectators are permitted to sit or lean on outside of track area and should remain three (3) feet back from inflatable amusement device.


6. A TP 400 race consists of four (4) complete laps around racing track. Winner is determined as first racer crosses the finish line.


7. Gotta' Go racers run on electric motors and have a thumb accelerator on the handle bars to go and brake automatically once depressed.


8. Race track must be located on a hard surface.


Contestant must be in good physical condition to participate. Persons with back, neck, knee or joint injury, respiratory problems or who may be pregnant should not participate. If you are currently under medical care, please consult your physician before participating on this event.