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Toll Free: 1-800-917-6863

Toledo Office

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UltraSound Uplighting

Accent Lighting Design

UltraSound Special Events Inc. can create beautiful ambience and enhance the décor within any room using modern and creative uplighting, pinspotting, and projected monogram designs.  The appropriate lighting incorporated into your décor reflects a unique sophistication and style throughout the entire room.  We utilize the latest technology and effects to create stunning enhancements within the venue you select for your wedding reception, bar/ bat mitvahs, formal, or hi energy event.  The appropriate lighting sets the mood!

LED Uplighting

LED Uplighting throughout the room is affordable can create a dramatic visual impact to enhance your room décor.  We can work with you or your decorator to accent the necessary areas and décor that you do not want to disappear into the darkness and enhance the overall look of the entire room.  LED uplighting equipment provides low energy consumption, eliminates production of heat from standard bulbs, and creates a dramatic impact of color.
Packages are affordable starting at $175.00 with multiple fixture discounts for lighting of large venues.

Monogram & Gobo lighting

Custom logos and personalized monograms can be created for your event as well as unique “lightscaped” designs.  Common monogram designs are crafted from metal or glass and can project your initials, full names, or logo on a backdrop design, dance floor, or designated area of your event venue.  A complete catalogue of standard monogram designs can be provided and allow you to select a style that can be personalized with your information. 
Custom monogram and logo designs start at $175.00

Pin Spotting

Attention and subtle lighting of the important areas of your event can be directed to unique areas of a venue with pin spotting effects.  These may include the wedding cake at your reception, elaborate centerpiece designs that should not disappear into the darkness, and the unique décor accents within your room design.  Multiple pinspotting and LED lighting combined can create a subtle glow of sophistication.
Pin Spotting can be achieved based on the number of fixtures required for as little as $100.00