Archery Tag

Archery Tag utilizes patented arrows with marshmallow type tips specifically designed for play with Archery Tag bows.  The game could be considered a combination of dodge ball or paintball, (less the mess of paint), but duplicates the adrenaline rush and excitement of the competitive battle!!  You can now get involved in the most exciting new battle game!


Up to 12 players can compete in the game of strategy and skill laid out on the 50’ x 100’ battle field.  Inflatable bunkers provide cover for players as they take aim on their opponents in an attempt to WIN the game in one of three ways:  All the opposing players have been tagged out by arrows, your team is successful in clearing the target block of the opposing team, or time expires and your team has the most remaining players.  Generally, individual games last approximately 5 minutes.


Hosting an Archery Tag event is easy with equipment and event staffing provided by UltraSound Special Events.  The field can be set up indoors or outside and we’ve provided Archery tag events rain or shine!!  The game is fast paced and allows multiple players to be organized in teams.  This exciting, action packed, yet safe event offers the ultimate adrenaline rush!!  Experience Archery Tag!!!


Contact an Ultra Event rep at 1-800-917-6863 for more information on booking Archery tag at your next event.  UltraSound provides the National Archery Tag Campus Event Tour, corporate team challenges, and festival type community and youth events.   We provide a mobile course or fixed location at our event center a.k.a The Kangaroo Cave.