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24' and 28' MOBILE CLIMBING WALLS w/ auto belay safety system. If you've seen other walls before, chances are they ONLY accommodate THREE climbers. FOUR  climber stations allows for greater participation on mobile climbing units and the auto belay devices makes each climb safe for participants. Units are trailer mounted and towed to your event site and easily set up with hydraulic lift.

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30' x 12' x 30'







1. Assumed Risk. The entertainment equipment has been previously checked to insure safe mechanical operation. However, due to the uncontrollable actions of participants, uncontrollable motions that may be directed toward opponents, or contact involved with this event, injury may occur during participation. In consideration for allowing participation of individuals on entertainment events provided by UltraSound Special Events Inc., contestants agree to hold harmless UltraSound and release them from liability for injuries or damage suffered to person or property.


2. All climbers will be assigned a climbing harness in “harness area” prior to beginning participation on this activity. Make sure climbing harness fits tightly around waist and legs. Game attendant “must” inspect climbing harness before entering climbing area.


3. Wait for instructions from game attendant before entering “climbing area” and walk directly to assigned climbing route. DO NOT remove “auto belay” cable from wall. Face climbing wall and wait for assistance from attendant to remove carbineer from wall and attach to harness. Wait for command to begin climbing.


4. Upon receiving command to begin climbing, keep body square to face of the wall and begin climbing straight up your assigned route. Do not cross over beneath or above other climbers participating at the same time.


5. “Auto belay” will engage anytime participant looses grip or footing on wall. DO NOT climb beyond top of wall. Participants are prohibited from going beyond or climbing on the top surface of the rock wall.


6. To begin rappel from top of wall, be alert to any climbers beneath you, keep body square to the face of the wall and begin descent. DO NOT kick more than six feet away from wall and rappel straight down your climbing route. AUTO BELAY system will engage and prevent rapid descent.

7. Upon completing your Rappel from the top of the rock wall, land on your feet and wait for attendant to remove “Auto Belay” cable, DO NOT remove cable or harness without assistance from attendant.


Contestant must be in good physical condition to participate in event and free from any pre-existing heart or back problems. DO NOT participate if you are pregnant. If you are currently under medical care or doubt your physical abilities, please consult your physician before participating on this event. Maximum weight 200 lbs. per person.