Festivals & Carnivals - Event Planning

UltraSound has worked with the city of Powell, as well as, numerous other municipalities with a proven track record of safety and fun. UltraSound continues to be partners and supporters of the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association (OPRA) for over 15 years. UltraSound has worked with parks and cities of all sizes, and with different budgets.


Here is what UltraSound can provide: 


  • TES Packages (Total Event Service)

  • Total Event Planning Services

  • Competitive Pricing & Packages

  • Can Assist in Publicity & Marketing of Festival or Event

  • Best Selection of Inflatable Attractions and Games

  • Tents, Tables and Chairs Rental 

  • Dedicated Event Representive


Still have questions or are already plan your event? Call us at 1-800-917-6863. 

Ottoville Park Carnival