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Having fun is serious business at UltraSound Special Events and we are the leaders in excitement, innovation, and safety. Inflatable entertainment attractions are increasingly popular and our selection continues to establish UltraSound Special Events Inc. as a leader in the special events industry.


We are not merely a rental company, but rather, a special event service company capable of offering much more than discount pricing on outdated equipment. We maintain competitive pricing while ensuring that our risk management and technical support are not compromised. UltraSound Special Events Inc. can provide Total Event Service (TES) or a shared responsibility program (SRP) that will allow our Company to apply event solutions designed to work within smaller budgets. First and foremost, service is who we want to be. We view our event planning as a partnership with our clients rather than an isolated business transaction.


Listed below you will find "Cutting Edge" entertainment concepts provided by UltraSound Special Events Inc. This is a fast growing area of our business and it's guaranteed to provide maximum fun and excitement to both participants and spectators alike. New events are consistently being added annually to update our inventory and satisfy the demand of our new and existing clients.

Human Billiards

Calling all Pool Sharks!

Grand Slammer

Don't strike out on this 8 person mechanical inflatable!