Pop Noggins

Guests easily become part of the action, receive a DVD copy of their performance, and become famous with POPNOGGINS. UltraSound now provides this hip & hot entertainment product utilizing "green screen" technology to superimpose guests' heads onto animated dancing bodies. Performers create videos in front of a monitor and guests can see the entire performance LIVE! as it is created.


No talent is required and up to six people perform to growing selection of classic tunes such as "Mony Mony," "Tub Thumping", “Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun”, several disco grooves and other rock, hip hop and modern tunes. A digital blender captures the guest's gig, and it is then transferred into an amazing take home DVD within seconds following the performance.

YOU become part of the video and guests are always highly entertained! We can also provide Leap2Web, record to flash drive, and a master burn of all performances. This is "green screen" meets "lip synch" meets "instant animation" meets "karaoke." It's very cool, hip, and can include your company or organizations logo as an even more powerful branding and a marketing tool provide from an awesome event.


With PopNoggins, You're In Control.


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