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Votes Cast on ASTM Safety Updates


Currently the ASTM F24 committee is reviewing the inflatable amusement ride safety standards to update the guidelines for design and operation for the inflatable industry. Development of standards has been ongoing by engineering, manufacturer, and Owner/ Operator task groups since November of 2014. The latest ballots posted for members of the committee to approve seems to be nearing the end in development and consensus approval.

A lengthy list of ballot items will be closing on January 16 allowing for a few more days to review and vote on a number of items being proposed by the F24 committee regarding inflatable amusement devices. Several items being presented for consensus approval include patron restrictions, containment wall height, methods of construction, calculations for device capacity, deflation alert system, provisions for rain and snow, #of attendants and training, Modifications, and patron rules. The current ballots were issued on December 16, 2017.

As a member of ASTM representing UltraSound Special Events Inc., votes were cast in several ballot cycles in favor and in opposition of revisions. The process continues to be a reflection of the inflatable industry collaborating to improve in areas needed and maintain safe manufacturing and use of inflatable amusements and forming such consensus standards is important. In addition to being a voting member, Kevin Wieging, President of UltraSound Special Events Inc. served as task group co-chair with Kevin Baldree of Austin Moonwalk rentals in addition to representation from Lance Miller or Big Air Jumpers in Colorado.

The American Society for Testing and Materials was formed in 1898, founded by Charles B. Dudley, Ph.D., a chemist with the Pennsylvania Railroad. In 2001, we changed our name to ASTM International.

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