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Engagement Plans- Ready Set GO

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As we work with couples on DJ entertainment or planning their ceremony or reception, I have found that there are 2 questions that come up as you are moving forward with your wedding plans. How did you meet? And, How did you get engaged? Deciding to get engaged is generally the first big step, and we've found the groom is many times in control. For some guys the BIG QUESTION is proceeded by 3 more big questions over what may be several days, sleepless nights, or weeks ahead in deciding when, how, and where? My advice… RELAX, you got this!!

In talking with most couples, hearing the individual stories kind of sets the stage and the one thing that “rings” true (pardon the pun) is unique to each story is unique to the couples we work with. It usually reflects common interests or the personalities of each couple and provides an interesting story. Do you want to make this a special moment between you, involve friends, children if you are blending families, in public or private? How can you include memories throughout dating to ask the “big question” that will move your relationship forward?

Let’s get started… It’s usually not official, until it’s “facebook official” and social media ultimately has inspired a number of engagement announcements. Rest assured that you will find couples excited to “share” that they are getting married! As couples tell “their story” and release news to the world that “We are getting Married”, internet research may lend some insight on bigger ideas in getting started.

Have FUN with this!! Share ideas and discuss your plans with a best friend. Naturally, in growing together as a couple, your best friends have witnessed you relationship grow together and may lend support and validate if you can “actually pull this idea off!” To get you thinking about moving forward and include statistics into my article, you fail at 100% of the chances you do NOT take… I suspect you’re pretty sure about this!

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Engagement Tip #1: READY… Reflect on the relationship. What brought you together? Where are your favorite places? Who are the most important influences in your relationship? Thinking about what brought you together and celebrate it. You can reflect on the people, places, and interests that you share and build your engagement plan on the ideas that you remember… Wow! Am I ready for this!!

Engagement tip #2: SET… Make it for you and her. Is this going to be public or private engagement? What ideas come to mind that reflect your personalities? Plan the details include a special day, a special occasion, a special place or combination of everything important to you and your. You may want to enlist the help of a trusted friend that you can share ideas with… let’s make this happen!

Engagement tip #3: GO… Involve a photographer or videographer. Be able to share your story and more importantly look back and remember? How you plan to announce your engagement can be reflected in planning to have a photographer or video of the occasion.

Marry Me Beach

Good Luck… I hope your planning is successful regardless if you choose to utilize a candlelight dinner, a romantic beach, or a flashmob soundtrack from Bruno Mars or Ed Sheeran. I’ve also completed my internet research to get you started and provided some inspiring YouTube clips below. My advice it to put some work into planning and remember the get a great start to your happily ever after story!


The Knot- Engagement Advice

How To Ask- Engagement

Marry You Bruno Mars- Lipsync proposal

Footbal proposal

Movie Trailer proposal- Action

Movie Trailer proposal- Comedy

Wednesdays wedding blog- I promise no brides, grooms, wedding moms or dads were harmed in the writing of these wedding blogs. I hope my ideas and takes from the planning and entertaining as a wedding DJ at receptions can lend ideas into your perfect day... so let's laugh, share some ideas, or avoid wedding craziness usually influenced by the stress of the day. Plan your day to be formal, fabulous, fun... or how about a blend of all 3! I've worked with some amazing couples and I hope you have an awesome wedding day. Good Luck on your wedding plans!! DJ kevin tyler, www.ultraparty.com or on facebook.

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