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MUSIC-- Your DJ Play and Do NOT Play List


How much work is necessary in developing a music list? Developing a small list is helpful in planning and many DJ’s utilize request lists or online tools to allow for advance planning. At UltraSound Special Events we utilize a printed reception planning form and an online application to assit with your music planning.

We have also worked with several couples over the years that have utilized a request card for guests and included it in with the invitations. Use of request cards can be helpful and you could even develop your list with these suggestions in mind.

For 2016, we have compiled a top 12 play and Do NOT Play listings to provide some controversy in our blog this week. One thing you will note is overlap of certain songs demonstrating that both Play and Do Not play titles are somewhat subjective and a matter of opinion. For this reason, we think it is important to always have a discussion about your requests and allow some control of your party to the DJ. Advanced planning and preparation does allow your DJ to do their job well and most DJs will welcome your advance requests.

What should I do? We have experienced that generally developing a list of twelve to twenty songs will help establish a foundation for your DJ. This also will be leaving room for requests and allowing your DJ to read the room and respond to the crowd as these are key factors of influencing if your party is a blast or a bust. There is no doubt that we all want our entertainment to shine and motivate the party to a high level of energy when needed. Building the hype is great but also establishing the mood throughout different times of your reception is important. Music planning gives direction but scripting a playlist for exact play never works!

Planning your special requests is extremely important, but leaving opportunity to build up the right moments throughout the evening and play the right song at the right time. Do you want light jazz, adult standards, or contemporary hits played during dinner or perhaps you want to enhance the theme of your wedding with music being provided. The most important request will be your first dance, father/ daughter dance, mother/son dance, if you chose to be introduced into the reception hall or cut your cake to a specific song that is special to you.

Remembering that what one person may not like, another loves. Experience will allow a skilled DJ to build from your list of important requests and respond to the vibe of the party developing that night. Rest assured that if a DJ has been playing for many years, they too have heard the Macarena, Electric Slide, or Shook Me All Night Long nearly one million times. We could easily get by without playing certain songs, but if they are important to a majority of guests, our music mission is selfless and motivated by a FULL dance floor!

Top 12 of 2016 Requested Wedding Songs

Song Title Artist

Uptown Funk Bruno Mars

Can’t Stop The Feeling! Justin Timberlake

Don’t Stop Believing Journey

Shut Up And Dance Walk The Moon

Cupid Shuffle Cupid

Wobble V.I.C.

Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison

Yeah! Usher

Casper Slide DJ Casper

Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC

Watch Me Silento

Cake By The Ocean DNCE

Top 12 of 2016 Do NOT Play Songs

Song Title Artist

Macarena Los Del Rio

Chicken Dance The Emeralds

Gangnam Style Psy

Y.M.C.A. Village People

Electric Boogie Marcia Griffiths

Celebration Kool & The Gang

Happy Pharrell Williams

Wobble V.I.C.

Watch Me Silento

All About That Base Meghan Trainor

Sexy And I Know It Lmfao

Uptown Funk Bruno Mars

Do you agree with our list? Provide your comments and add your suggestions to the 2016 Play or DNP Lists. "It's not always a perfect song unless it is played at the perfect moment."

Wednesdays wedding blog- I promise no brides, grooms, wedding moms or dads were harmed in the writing of these wedding blogs. I hope my ideas and takes from the planning and entertaining as a wedding DJ at receptions can lend ideas into your perfect day... so let's laugh, share some ideas, or avoid wedding craziness usually influenced by the stress of the day. Plan your day to be formal, fabulous, fun... or how about a blend of all 3! I've worked with some amazing couples and I hope you have an awesome wedding day. Good Luck on your wedding plans!! DJ kevin tyler, www.ultraparty.com or on facebook.

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