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Production Manager Profile: Work Hard, Play Harder!!

Alright, so it’s another Monday. Well, in this case a ‘Muscle Monday’ is just the beginning for UltraSound’s Production Manager, Logan Heiing, as he wakes up for another day on the job. When it comes to Production Management, Logan knows firsthand what makes for an Ultra Event!

When asked his favorite part about being a production manager, his response was nothing short of a surprise. “I like being the quarter back- like Peyton Manning. I like to make magic happen like Harry Houdini. I also like being in charge and making sure things go as planned. I enjoy leading the UltraSound Productions Crew and watching our team move each job to victory.” You can tell by the response that UltraSound Special Events certainly has their hands full with the warehouse leader.

What is Logan’s least favorite part about being Production Manager?

Much like other leading positions, it’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders if something goes wrong. “Even if I didn’t have my hand in the mess up, it will still fall back on me. But, that’s not always a bad thing…it increases the amount of attention we plan for events. It also drives us towards better communication and awareness of potential plan hazards.” Like other companies, we do have our bumps in the road, but every day we learn something new to improve and build on the next time around.

What is your favorite event to plan for and why?

“Anything at colleges or large parties is my favorite, especially foam parties. I like college events because I am a recent graduate from college, typically a crowd my age, and always something fun to work as well as attend. College events are also a little less stressful for me and the crew because we are all either in college, or just graduated, so we know the type of crowd we are going to have. Also, college events usually mean traveling to different universities-which I enjoy the most.”

Overall, what is your favorite thing about UltraSound Special Events as a Productions Manager?

“I like that it’s always something different; we never do the same thing twice. We ALWAYS have fun, and Jorts Friday (another crew themed day) always adds a positive vibe to the end of the workweek.

I asked Logan for his 3 tips for Production Management. Here’s some advice from a 23 year old that seems to have at least a little bit of this gig figured out:

1. Stay Organized.

“We keep the schedule straight, assign roles to the crew, and designate equipment, drivers, and items in appropriate places with everything detailed for each job. We also have weekly meetings to go over scheduling or anything that may come up as a potential problem without overlapping events. Big weekends are usually a little bit more complicated as we need out staff in multiple places at once. We call this making the magic happen- every job, every day, every drop-off a success.”

2. Have a good crew.

“Having a good crew is essential for a successful job as well as a successful day. I am really thankful for the crew I have here at UltraSound. It’s nice to be able to be away from the warehouse and know that everything is going smoothly with the A-Team. I love them. Having people you can be confident in and rely on is important. They make coming to work worth it, and allow for more jobs to go perfectly for the customers. This crew really works hard at making customers happy and making every day a little bit easier when the schedules become hectic.”

3. Have Fun.

“Getting everything finished and completed correctly is important, but it doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t having fun and enjoying the events while working it. The crew, event, and job itself are all enjoyable if everything is on the same page. We like to have fun here. Work hard, play harder- it’s the UltraSound way.

Thanks for the tips, Logan! But there’s even more…

What is one thing you would like a client to know, that they may not consider, about the production staff and process of completing a job?

“Hmmm. That is a tough one. I would mostly like clients to know that we have many events going on across the region every day. The stress they may feel about their event, we feel about several different events all on the same day. We like to take care of the hard tasks, so our customers can enjoy their event to the fullest. If they let us do the jobs the best we can, everything will go just fine. Communication is the key to success! Trust us in getting the job done for you (the client). Our clients are our number one priority here. We want you to have the best event with as much ease as possible. UltraSound Special Events takes pride in what we do... Having FUN is Serious Business!”

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