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ASTM to Update Adventure Attractions Standards for Inflatable Amusements

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ASTM international is the engineering standards organization that oversees the f24.61 subcommittee for adventure attractions and will soon update the voluntary safety standards after final consensus voting by members of the group. The current standards edition was last updated in 2010 and originally approved in 4004. Although there are no national standards, many States and local rules exist and reference the ASTM standards. Ohio provides amusement ride regulations.

Kevin Wieging, President of UltraSound Special Events Inc. served as the owner/ operator Task Group Co Chair for the f24.61 committee for Inflatable Amusement attractions and discussed the timeline for revisions. Initially a meeting was organized in November of 2014 and organized by F24.61 Subcommittee chairman Phil Slaggert. In February of 2015, the ASTM winter meeting established the pace for improvement and revision bringing us to the final leg of consensus approval that may be completed by early 2018.

Much of the technical knowledge has been updated and revised and the new standards seem to be waiting in the wings as members of the committee continue the voting process for approval. For development, task group were focused on Engineering, Manufacturing, and Owner/ Operators active and willing to volunteer resource to further the standards development to include industry best practices. Current committee task group chair Michael Viechweg looks for movement at the next ASTM meeting scheduled for October 11-13 in Scottsdale, AZ.

Kevin Wieging presented on updates on the ASTM standards for the inflatable industry at the Event Professionals conference held in Nashville, TN August 1 and 2, 2017 and encouraged industry members to join ASTM and have a voice in voting. As a member of ASTM, members are provided access to the relevant standards for their industry and can join the f24.61 subcommittee on Adventure Attractions to continue to participate and be knowledgeable on the latest updates for the inflatable industry.

Becoming a member of ASTM can be accomplished online at ASTM.org and step by step instructions have been attached HERE to provide process to join the appropriate subcommittee. Any additional information can be obtained from ASTM Staff manager for the f24 committee Katerina Koperna at kkoperna@astm.org.

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