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Employee Spotlight - Christian Stemen(Munch)

Photo Credit: Lindsey Cornett

One thing we like to encourage at UltraSound Special Events is teamwork. And what better way to encourage teamwork than to have an awesome, hard-working staff on hand to work with. At UltraSound Special Events we have a very dedicated and loyal crew that continues to make our day enjoyable and our clients happy. One employee that never fails to brighten the day is our very own, Christian Stemen, otherwise known as Munch.

Munch was born and raised right here in Delphos, OH. He graduated from Jefferson High and is currently attending Bowling Green State University. Munch has worked for UltraSound Special Events for 2 years. He began his employment working in The Kangaroo Cave as part of the Safety Staff. Now, Munch has moved on to become a valuable part of the UltraSound Warehouse Crew.

Munch’s favorite part about UltraSound Special Events is the group of coworkers he has. In reference to his coworkers, Munch states, “We have become close friends, and it is really like a family to me here. The guys are fun and we get our work done, so really work does not feel like work”. One thing is for sure, the Warehouse Crew is a close knit group that has certainly found the ways to make everyday an UltraParty day.

One factor that makes Munch a spotlight employee is his ability to balance school and work. So we asked him how he does it. “During the school year I only work on weekends and on my breaks at home. UltraSound has worked with my schedule in a way that keeps me busy with some hours while giving me time away to focus on my school work at the same time. I also get additional work hours whenever there are events close to campus. It really is helpful to have a company that understands the importance of school and work. It’s really neat to have a job that works with my schedule like that, I love BG and UltraSound”.

So, with all of this dedication to UltraSound, we have to wonder what events are Munch’s favorite and why! Munch enjoys the overnight trips, as anyone else would. “I like to travel with my job and the coworkers because we get to work hard and play harder. It’s a great group we have and the opportunity to travel, get business finished, and enjoy time with my friends here makes for a blast. We have a lot of fun- always”. We also had to ask about his least favorite, which to our surprise was simply anything rainy. “Rainy days make tearing down a lot harder than normal”.

UltraSound Special Events is certainly an unusual job. We take pride in celebrating and helping people celebrate the most important events in their lives. One thing we like to consider with our employees is exactly what are they learning here that they will take with them throughout life. Munch tells us that one of the many things he has learned while here is that “sometimes things don’t always go the way you expect it too, but you just have to adapt and make it work. Do your best and it will all work out”. We could not agree more, Munch!

Munch has quickly become an important asset to the UltraSound Special Events team. Not only does he create a positive atmosphere for everyone, but his coworkers are just as thrilled to have him around, too. Munch will be heading back to school for his sophomore year of college. If ever you book with UltraSound Special Events, it is likely that you will get the opportunity to meet one of our standout employees. Keep up the wonderful work, Munch! We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

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