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SINGO Builds Excitement Locally

SINGO locations in the Lima area are continuing to grow and local SINGO enthusiasts have more locations than ever to play at. If you are new to hearing about SINGO, we should probably explain... let's take the traditional game of bingo, infuse music instead of numbers, and make it fun and entertaining. From humble beginnings SINGO was born and provided at local bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants, private events and a fun and engaging activity for everyone to play!

Singo card

Here is how it works, we generate the SINGO cards that look similar to bingo cards and have 25 squares. Each square has a song title and as we move through the song titles within various available categories, participants listen to color in the squares representing those song titles to achieve a traditional bingo of squares down, across, or diagonally on there card. It's free to participate and everyone has a chance to win great prizes provided by the location we are playing at.

UltraSound is a licensed SINGO provider and began working with the program almost a year ago. One of our first locations locally was MELLOW MUSHROOM of Lima and we've continued to maintain a Wednesday night SINGO NIGHT throughout the year. Throughout the Holidays, SINGO also entertained at holiday parties and provided an option for guests to participate and win without just providing a boring door prize drawing. Sure, giving away prizes is always cool, but how can we do it with more excitement and entertainment value.

Trivia nights have existed for several years and now SINGO nights have evolved to provide a music based prize game you can play together as a group or increase your tables chance at winning and each play an individual card. When you hear the song title of the music represented on your card, color in the squares. No need to be the smartest person in the room because unlike trivia, we will make sure you know the answer as we will announce the song titles throughout the game. If you recognize them, sing along because that's what SINGO is about.

In a word SINGO is FUN to PLAY!! Find us at area location including Mellow Mushroom- Lima, Buffalo Wings and Rings- Lima, Vino Bellissimo- Lima, Rustic Cafe- Delphos, Moeller Brew Barn- Maria Stein, Smoke E's- Kalida and now booking corporate parties for the Holidays!! We are excited to announce the production of NEW CHRISTMAS MUSIC categories for the Holidays!!

Check out our SINGO Video Link for more information on how to play!! Corporate events are booking for Holidays and discounts are available for hosting weekly SINGO events at your location. More info also available by contacting UltraSound at 419-339-9701. -k. wieging

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