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Thanksgiving Favorites from UltraSound

UltraSound Special Events knows that ‘Having FUN is SERIOUS Business’ … as is a work carry in! This year, we have created a list of all of our favorite foods for Thanksgiving! From sides, to main dishes, to desserts, UltraSound can really put together one major meal!

For the main dish, and Kevin’s personal favorite, TURKEY! “Take away everything and just give me the turkey and that will be perfect to me. I love the turkey!” says Kevin. The main dish is something certain to be talked about, and it just would not be Thanksgiving for the Wieging family without the perfect turkey!

UltraSound Thanksgiving Turkey

As with any meal, the side dishes are something we all have differences upon! Maybe one of the UltraSound Staff favorites are something you could introduce to your holiday friends giving or carry in! Diane, the UltraSound head of HR, absolutely loves the pies of the season- specifically Apple and Pumpkin pie! Our Marketing Manager and Sales Manager, Terence, prefers his side of noodles with mashed potatoes and gravy… LOTS of gravy! Victoria, our wedding department head, is weak for Sweet Potato Soufflé. Lindsey’s personal favorite is dressing. “It’s the best part of any holiday… so good I even have my mom make extra!”

UltraSound Special Events takes the holiday season to heart. After all, our company is more like a family that celebrates together. Not only do we celebrate with our various jobs, but we like to bring things together as a special time to relax, enjoy good food, and cheer with our work family. We wish you a very peaceful Thanksgiving filled with love, happiness, and delicious food.

Below you can find links to several different recipes for our favorite holiday meals!




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