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SINGO Expanding to More Locations

We look for the best interactive event concepts and have found an engaging program with SINGO! UltraSound has also been successful in partnering with local venues to promote weekly SINGO nights throughout the area and as the number of locations grows, the interest from SINGO players has steadily increased. For all locations, scheduling consistency is key to building a weekly SINGO night so that players can plan to attend plus contract rates for multiple bookings provide best discounts. Most also provide some pretty AWESOME prizes and SINGO is free to play!!

Another key to the success has been the staff available from UltraSound to host the SINGO nights and build the relationship with players. It’s simply a FUN game and allows players to experience a lot of music and be entertained. If you’re new to SINGO, let us introduce you to the game and why it’s popularity is growing.

Millie’s café is located in Ottoville and has recently joined our list of locations. As we grew the popularity since beginning the program in October of 2016 we have produced over 100 SINGO related events the game has remained structured as social fun. Other locations like Mellow Mushroom and Buffalo Wings and Rings provide a great atmosphere for the game. Set up doesn't take much space and game cards are printed weekly with different music Categories to keep the game always entertaining.

Generally, we host one game of SINGO to be one hour which includes three rounds of SINGO on one SINGO card. At most weekly locations we play 2 games and the venue provides gift certificates or prizes to the winners of the individual games. We can extend the time for SINGO based on your event and have incorporate it with DJ Services UltraSound provides for corporate events over the Holidays. Win SINGO by getting traditional bingo on the SINGO cards that we provide for each game that include a single, double, and cover all SINGO during each game. We scan cards to validate the winners of each game and the key has always been that the game is simply fun and entertaining for participants!

Follow UltraSound Special Events on facebook for SINGO event locations and dates. Current locations hosting SINGO on a regular basis include Mellow Mushroom- Lima, Buffalo Wings and Rings- Lima, Vino Bellisimo- Lima, Millie’s Café- Ottoville, Moeller Brew Barn- Maria Stein. If you have a favorite location currently NOT doing SINGO, let us know and maybe we can extend an invite!

Check our FB events page! Comments about playing SINGO, please share your experience.

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