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“Escaping” The Office for BOSTON

UltraSound Special Events Inc. is a member of NACA (National Association for Campus Activities) and frequently participates in the National and Regional conference events. This weekend we begin the NACA National Convention in Boston, MA and exhibiting for the campus events conference in BOOTH#1125.

Special pricing will be available for The Mobile Escape Trailer as we also release new “Escape Room Event Packages” including the Escape Room Brain Games and Escape Room Giant Game package. Fred Gengler, Interactive Events Rep. for UltraSound will be making the trip and have additional information on the #FOAMCOMING Parties (Foam Dance Party), Mobile Zipline (also provided with interactive package pricing), Inflatable Movie Screen Programs, and everything else NEW FOR 2018!!

More Information on the Mobile Escape Room will be shared at the campus events trade show. “Every year you strive to reinvent the ideas and equipment available to our clients and I push to participate in NACA Conferences” Fred mentioned regarding the NACA Conferences. “This year we completed a new booth display featuring our new events, so set up should be a little easier, plus I’m looking forward to sharing information on the Wifi print station as well as the Mobile Escape Room.”

The Print Station now available from UltraSound Special Events Inc. could be considered the evolution away from a “booth type” photobooths, but instead allows for wireless printing from your cell phone at an event. Sure a “Selfie Station “ can be set up or better yet, multiple stations throughout your event and printing on custom templates we create for your event. (Demo this in Booth 1125 from the palm of your hand!!) Brand it with your campus logo or event theme and allow multiple people to take away and share the event experience. #Hashtag your phone is already connected to the palm of your hand and the picture is just a bonus!!

Are hashtag sentences even legit? #NEVER but neither is #SECONDPLACE!! Ouch, see what we just did there, Patriot fans will not be liking our booth in Boston. “Cheers” see you in Boston!! #SUPERBOWLISOVER If you cannot attend the NACA National Conference and interested in booking campus activities there are still benefits developing for “Block Booking” involving reduced travel for our national campus event tours and package discounts we think you’ll “Like”!! Contact Us For Details

UltraSound Special Events Inc. 1-800-91-SOUND (76863)

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