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Safety Updates at PA Ride Safety Conference

The Pennsylvania Ride Safety program annual hosts two update seminars in the Spring and Fall mainly because of the education and risk management focus of the program. In Pennsylvania, the program isn’t managed by a few inspectors, but hundreds. Largely because the Commonwealth of PA chooses to provide testing whereby anyone associated with the set up or operation of and amusement ride attraction can test and then is required to maintain 16-24 hours of continuing education in maintaining their license. Joe Filoromo, of the PA Ride Safety program will boast that the success of the program is in the favorable statistics demonstrating safety.

Unlike paying higher fees for inspection like neighboring states Like Ohio and New Jersey, the education focus of the program only costs businesses $50 in testing fee for each employee testing for the designation and then $299 for the conference making compliance very affordable. Not only for PA companies, this spring conference had attendance from individuals as far away as Iowa, Texas, Maryland, and Ohio interested in the training. Regulation through education has proven to be an effectively and affordably managed program and seems to be spreading its success. Many New Jersey businesses attend for CEU required in that State.

ASTM has also recently released updates to the f-2374 standards for inflatable amusements in general because these standards also influence the laws of Pennsylvania. Kevin Wieging, President of UltraSound Special Events Inc. was Owner/ Operator Task Group chair for the ASTM Standards revision and presented at the conference urging more inflatable amusement operators to get involved. Step by step instruction on joining ASTM and getting involved with the inflatable task group are provided below.

Membership information is available through the ASTM WEBSITE and step by step instructions on selecting the adventure attractions committee representing inflatable amusements is here. More information on the PA Ride Safety Program is available and the winter safety seminar dates have been set for November 6-8, 2018 in Harrisburg, PA.

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