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Wedding Wednesday Blog--How Much Does it COST?

Own the Aisle 2019

The aisles were PACKED at the “Own The Aisle” 2019 bridal event completed over the weekend at the UNOH Events Center. Bridal professionals offer so many different services needed for your wedding day and it all is a bit overwhelming. At UltraSound Special Events we are often take many phone calls regarding wedding planning and love the excitement of getting started.

We also get the question of “How Much?” very early in the conversation if contacting regarding DJ Services or the simple subject line of the email inquiries. Budgeting is a preliminary way of establishing the cost allocated for services yet a better questions to lead with in discovering what services and who is the best to provide them is… “Tell me a little more about your business.” Let’s take a look at what is important and the initial start for planning and budgeting.

According to the Knot’s 2017 Real Weddings Study, the average wedding came in at $33,391. This is a big number for budgeting and will certainly be influenced by the decisions made in planning. Those decisions, however, should cut corners on the things that are most important to you. One of the biggest wedding expenses may be behind you as the purchase of the Engagement Ring is listed as one of the largest expenditures. Rightfully so however, if you truly believe diamonds are forever.

Based on 2017 averages, let’s trim that number up and down a bit as location has a significant impact on what you should expect to pay and in review of location studies New York, New Jersey, Los Angles, Chicago all top the list as high as $76,944. Fortunately, Ohio did make the list of most affordable places to be married with costs averaging $22,373 with a Toledo market study. This information paints a big picture of what you might be in for in planning and you might allocate budget based a few things that seem to be important to most couples:

Did we, you (the people that matter) enjoy the day?

Did our guests enjoy the food and drink?

Did my guests feel like they had a great time and were appreciated?

Did we effectively capture the memories to remember our special day?

The short list of big things to begin planning will include the location and venue for your ceremony and reception, catering and beverage services, entertainment, and wedding photography or videography.

The answers to these questions often rely on the reservations made with the primary vendors you are choosing to work with throughout your day. Help them give you the best price. Do they understand exactly what you want, have you met with them to share your vision, and how professional have they been in establishing the success of their business to deliver on your expectations. So get to know the stories and the people behind planning your event and share yours.

Thank you for joining us at “Own the Aisle” and we hope you received the information needed. Chances are you might not have had the time to talk with everyone given the large crowds. You can contact us and we can discuss more information with you and answer the magic question of “How Much?” is needed to budget for DJ Services at your ceremony and/or reception.

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