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Wednesday Wedding Blog- Checklists

One of the first steps in planning is checking availability of reception and wedding venues. In addition, considering the personal scheduled for friends and family can also be evaluated in selecting a date. Coordinating time off from work for planning and honeymoon travel is also important consideration. It may take some time, but once you decide, the real planning can begin. Everyone also has their favorite season to consider and if planning an outdoor wedding, summer and fall can then lead to choosing a month.

Different venues can also be narrowed down based on the size of your guest list. Visit the venues you are most excited about and many times they offer a preview. When other wedding are set up and you can see how things look in person and get a feel for the best layout and décor that works well in the room. Ask your venue if they have sample layouts that have worked well for the number of guests you expect for your reception. Many venues also have space planning programs to assist you.

When the date is chosen and the important details start to line up, there is a confident feeling as you move through the tasks at hand. Choose you DJ, choose your caterer, choose your photographer. There will be lots to do before saying "I Do". Developing a checklist will help you stay on task and creating a bridal file to organize all your contacts, contracts, and important information will give you peace of mind.

All this will take time and getting started is the important first step. We often get questions about how early to book our DJ services, make reservations for chairs, picking out linen colors. Our best advice is get started 16 to12 months in advance and make the reservations for the important services at least 10 to 12 months in advance. The small stuff can wait and determining final numbers on things like chair rental or finalizing napkin counts is best done when you rsvp cards are returned and can change. It is best to reserve a quantity you anticipate and revise about 1 month before your wedding day.

If you want the best service providers working together for your event, assembling you best bridal team will take time. Here is a timeline example you might reference for planning.

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