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Avoid Creating THE WORST SEAT and THE BEST Dance Floor at YOUR WEDDING Reception

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Planning is important and creating a timeline and review of the layout will have significant effect on the comfort of your guests and the ability of your DJ to motivate your guests to pack the dance floor. There are ongoing complaints and discussion pulled from industry forums that prompted us to write about placement of the dance floor and DJ when planning the layout for the venue.

Pulled from one discussion is an example of a bad layout. As the client, sometimes you are not directly responsible for the layout, but approve what the venue submits and there are a few critical things we consider surrounding placement of speakers, DJ, and guests. All of these need to work together and sometimes the #1 complaint received from guests attending your event is a result of the layout within your reception venue. "It's Too LOUD!!"

Using the Example layout, if the DJ is currently placed behind tables #8 and #9, sound needs to travel through all the tables located between the DJ and dance floor. This understandably makes the experience "too loud" for guests seated in those seats and with a motivated dance floor, "not loud enough" all the way across the room. It could be possible to locate speakers closer to the dance floor with additional cabling or wireless speakers, but that leads us to engagement issues with guests.

At any concert venue, where is the most sought after seat or ticket location? FRONT ROW!! To be successful as an entertainer, the ability to interact and engage guest at an event is a significant part of the job and learned through experience and dealing with the layout of the room. Connecting with guests to motivate the dance floor and being able to interact is severally limited when a DJ or live performer is forced to set up across the room or upstairs playing down to a dance floor.

Proximity is important and the entertainment can be located out of view for pictures of the head table or cake table. The dance floor should be close without separation and especially guests seated between the dance floor and DJ. We have also experienced situations where DJs have been set up behind curtains and have no view of the event even to make announcements and work through introductions of the bridal party as they are introduced into the venue... almost ALWAYS a FAIL!

What is BEST? An experienced DJ will be working with you and generally executing the time line established for your event. This will include introductions, timing, and having coordination with the bride and groom to execute the first dance, cake cutting, and other significant moments that will be remembered at your reception. They should be able to have visual sight lines and confer with you as needed to flawlessly make all of that occur.

An experienced an quality entertainer or DJ does need to relate and engage the guests at your wedding. Trying to accomplish that from afar is very difficult and ability to accept requests, be close to the dance floor, and avoid playing "across the room" are important factors to how successful that engagement of your guests will happen.

In this example provided, the orange dot by table #5 and slightly re-configuring the layout to move that table might be a better solution. The Bridal Table could also be re-positioned where table #10 is located and eliminate them from being immediately next to the dance floor but that would be a personal preference and in this case the main issue. There could be valid reasons for keeping the bridal party close.

Bring your bridal planning team together and lean on their advice to achieve successfully planning! Your bridal planner may already have a trusted team of these individuals and if you are managing the advanced planning of your wedding, plan to use the advice of your professional team that will be executing this plan. The experience and professional advice of your officiant, DJ, photographer, and caterer will help you execute the perfect event.

The more written down and discussed in advance will prevent day of event worry and stress!! Representing DJ services at your event-- Now, let's OPEN up the Dance floor and get the party started!! ~ more information on UltraSound DJ Services.

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