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Crowd Control And Change in Event Needs Anticipated to Manage COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

With COVID-19 (Corona Virus), business is changing and the hospitality and special events industry are some of the hardest hit. UltraSound Special Events Inc. is adjusting locally to address upcoming needs and provide resources for the process to combat the emergency management efforts. Our event business is obviously on hold. We certainly would prefer not to deal with this situation and hope we can all collectively team up and improve the outlook through the measures taken by local health and State Government officials and we are adjusting to cover potential needs for rental with the COVID-19 situation unfolding.

I hope the next few weeks are manageable for all of us, however, I wanted to offer resources we have available to assist with crowd control and directing people/ cars, or preventing access to certain areas. Hospitals and health care officials are that lead for sustaining our business right now. I have attached pics of the crowd control barricades we provide for concerts and special events. If needed, we utilize the equipment for a number of situations and hope the COVID-19 is able to be controlled and allow a return to normal.

The situation is entirely fluid and changing daily. I am aware management of this situation will be a process and if we can provide resources such as crowd direction/ Control, restricted access with barricades, seating and tables, or tent areas, please reach out to UltraSound Special Events Inc. as a local resource.

Should drive through testing become a reality in our area for COVID-19 or the need to contain crowd control/ directional routing be needed, we will hustle to assist. We encourage all businesses to partner locally for support and quick response to the daily situations that seem to be unfolding quickly. We are also partnering with our local clients to manage existing events and understand the cancellations that occur.

Ongoing, please be aware of the situation and follow guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Click CDC Website Link

Contact info: UltraSound Special Events Inc. 419-339-9701 / www.ultraparty.com Location: 4747 Good Road, Delphos, OH or 1824 W. Sylvania Avenue, Toledo, OH.

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