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My First Post Prom Experience

WOW, is typically the word from our clients, fans, and our employees when we are in a conversation about the planning of a post prom weekend. Let me tell about my first post prom experience as a new event representative here at UltraSound Special Events.

It all started on April 8th. Our first post prom weekend. The first weekend wasn't bad, but we Logan (Warehouse Production Manager) started the weekend with me in Evansville, Indiana with our Zip Line. We had two other crew members at Auburn University for their special event with inflatables and our trampoline. Logan and I return on Saturday, and he prepares the rest of the trucks and crew members for the remainder of the day. On Saturday night we ended up having a post prom, casino night, and an interactive events gig in Toledo.

Mobile Zip-Line UltraSound

Skip the 15th and 16th for Easter!

Alright, here we go.... are you ready? April 22nd and the madness begins. We have a total of 9 post proms, and counted it twice for a total of 14 events. One event started on Thursday at South Dakota State University with our Zip Line. That same crew showed up Saturday to help with 2 other post proms. There were two events on the 22nd where drop offs and pick ups need to be scheduled, and Saturday April 22nd didn't end for a few employees until Sunday morning at 5am.

April 29th again there were 9 post prom events! Personally this day was crazy. I was in the warehouse at 8am and traveled to Celina, Lima, back to Celina, and then to LCC High School to assist with the Warrior Jump. All joking aside, the warrior jump is 55ft long and weighs a solid 650 pounds. For the record, It took three of us to wheel it into the gym. I returned to the warehouse at 4:30, but my evening was far from over. I had to be in Versailles by 7:00 to DJ prom, and yes I made it on time! Once again though, we had staff members all over Ohio on April 29th, and a few of them didn't return back to base until 5am. Guess what though I am not done!

Warrior Dash UltraSound Lima Ohio

May 6th wasted not time arriving. I had to count twice because it really seemed crazy to think we successfully completed not 9 post proms but 12 post proms on May 6th. We also had 8 other special events including a wedding going on during the day. I wasn't as involved on this day as I was the previous weekend, but our Toledo production crew did an outstanding job back up the Delphos crew with equipment transfers, set-ups, and overall event management!

May 13th. There was 1 post prom, a prom for me to DJ, and 3 weddings for our other DJ's. Plus a handful of other events with drop-offs and pick-ups. Which is all managed by Logan in our warehouse.

In conclusion of my first post prom season here at UltraSound, I was graciously reminded why having an amazing team behind you is much better than trying to do anything yourself. I learned about a handful of policies and procedures, and was able to see first hand why we have them. Our team here at UltraSound Special Events is incredible and I have so much confidence in our ability to delivery a successful event!

Unofficial Fact: Over 100 hours in post proms were logged starting on April 8th going through May 13th. Thank you to all of the local and area school districts who relied, and trusted UltraSound Special Events to deliver an awesome event!

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