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The Royal Wedding and YOUR Wedding Plans

Create events that are uniquly you during the reception to engage your guests in being part of the celebration.

Coming off a “Royal Wedding” weekend, looking into wedding planning has changed to be about YOU and what you'd like to make your friends and family experience as YOUR WEDDING. The “Royal Wedding” was a spectacle to see and brought together millions to celebrate the occasion and catch a glimpse of Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle. The wedding was held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor on Saturday May 19 and broadcast to the world.

Meghan Markle’s wedding gown will now be an influence for fashion and getting all dressed up to celebrate such a special occasion as a guest compliments the beauty of the day. We’ve provide a link for more information on the wedding dress, wedding cake, beautiful flowers, rings, and the royal wedding Carriage procession route from royal.uk wedding page to provide an inside look at the occasion with photos. Did you know that the couple’s decision to wed on Saturday went against tradition, as royal weddings usually take place on a weekday?

Congratulation to DeVante and Tiara Oliver celebrating on Friday May 18, 2018.

Contrary to always planning a Saturday night wedding 68% of couple are opting for an alternative day and our planning for Friday wedding vows has increased. On the same weekend as the “Royal Wedding” we were fortunate enough to work with couples on both Friday and Saturday nights. Something to consider, the tradition of “bride’s side” and “groom’s side” is being cast away for an all-inclusive wedding celebration. Both weekend events we were part of mingled families to celebrate as one.

In reference to the “Royal Wedding” and also breaking with wedding superstition of getting married on the half hour, Prince Harry and Meghan chose their ceremony to begin at 12 noon. Old tradition, not necessarily English tradition, indicates good fortune to a couple is signified by the hands of a clock moving up and not down when starting a wedding on the half hour. We could go into something borrowed, something blue, but the moral of this story is something about YOU!! Most importantly, share your vision with everyone you choose to work with up front to accomplish your dream wedding.

Soserene is an outdoor wedding venue located in Northwest Ohio for ceremony and receptions.

So if you are planning your upcoming wedding, you may ask what is traditional or how can I do this

differently and you would be absolutely right. All the elements of the ceremony and reception are the same, but you can make them uniquely you from working with you officiant at the ceremony to write your own wedding vows, incorporate a blending of families, or making your day exclusively about you. Your DJ will generally discuss a timeline for working with you at the reception.

What we've also experienced as an increase in popularity for ceremonies not necessarily in the church, but hosted at a location that is as beautiful to you! Create a wedding location by the lake, on the family farm, in the woods, or a beautiful onsite location like SoSerene. This has led UltraSound Special Events to provide battery powered systems so that music and a mic can be provided anywhere your choose along with seating options for rent. More often we are providing music for both the ceremony and reception at outdoor venues.

One last fashion take away from the “Royal Wedding”, other than the dress, was the fascination with the fascinator! We’ve included a USA Today link to the best of the “Royal Wedding”. Yes, we found this fascinating as well and rather boring should we call it "a hat". Your wedding day can be fancy, but maybe it's more you in dressing down with bluejeans, island theme, roaring 20's inspired, or western. Remember this is you!

If guests are enjoying themselves and celebrating your wedding day. Then the mission is accomplished!

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