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Top Three Covid-19 Chaos Alternative Planning Ideas

Last night we hosted a virtual “Covid Chaos” Wedding Chat with Ashley Ray Photography and Crimson Lane Wedding Venue regarding the current stresses couples are left to deal with as they potentially need to reschedule wedding dates moving forward through the Covid crisis. Updated information is always current on our social media with UltraSound Special Events Inc. as we continue to share information and be social virtual until we can encourage "Social Undistancing".

It may be too early to determine if changes need to be made based on the current situation, but you may want to contact your vendor team to determine options for cancellations, rescheduling, and determine availability of future dates. Phased in guidelines established by government at the National Level, CDC recommendations, and local government orders should be considered.

Before we suggest ideas from our Wednesday wedding chat, take a deep breath. Realize there are not any immediate changes that need to occur and if a vendor isn’t available to make the change, this provides you time to reach out to additional photographers, DJs, Caterers, or venues to consider making the necessary changes. Here are a few suggestions to minimize disruptions in the planning you’ve already completed. The link provided our entire chat.

1. Consider a Bridal Open House-- Weddings are exempt from the state orders and can continue. As long as you’ve obtained your marriage license prior to shut down or your county court has reopened, having a small ceremony is acceptable. Large gatherings to celebrate the wedding receptions may need to be reduced and would be a social responsibility of the bride and groom. Maybe limiting guest lists, encouraging elder family members to share in the ceremony a different way, and at risk individuals avoid participation. One example may be a hosting a Bridal Open House throughout the day so that not all of your guests will be present at the same time.

A menu of light appetizers and drinks can be planned with friends and family attending your reception throughout the day rather than a traditional large wedding reception. Guests can still attend and share your special day, but may be more comfortable in moving on rather than staying for the entire ceremony, dinner, dancing, etc. you may have planned. Your ceremony can be intimate with immediate friends, family, and then provide different invite times for other guests.

2. Ceremony NOW with Reception planning later-- Continue with your wedding date as planned providing a formal ceremony celebration and postpone your reception and larger celebration until your 1 year anniversary celebration. This extends the time period for study and determining how the current situation with COVID-19 will develop. The ceremony is the most significant and meaningful to saying “I Do” and can occur as planned.

The 1 year time period allows for a possible renewal of vows but this time period can also be adjusted to simply be a later date in 2020 or planning on the traditional off season for early months in the Midwest. Possibly bringing that larger group of family and friends together in January or February. Valentines weekend might quickly evolve and book as our next suggestion related to 4-day Wedding weekends. (February 12-13-14, 2021)

3. The (4) Day Wedding Weekend-- If you decide to reschedule, continuing planning with expectations in getting another Saturday night event date rather quickly might be impossible. Popularly wedding venues and vendors already booked for your event may have limited availability stretching into 2021. Expand your plans from a traditional Friday or Saturday to include options for booking on Sunday or Thursday.

Thursday provides a start to a 4 day weekend and close friends and family will be open to celebrating with you knowing that your options in rescheduling are limited. Planning a Thursday evening reception does expand the traditional weekend, but provides a realistic and relatively convenient option for families to be part of your wedding day. Sunday celebrations have been trending in recent years as well and may continue to grow in popularity.

Social responsibility in planning is important. We want to emphasis the importance of family as we talk about your wedding day and this is a discussion that is best handled individually to involve your inner circle. We can provide suggestions, but ultimately, changes to your plans and/or proceeding with plans already in place for the next year are personal. We trust and know you will do what is best for your individual situation.

Next to the guest book may also be a sanitation stations complete with hand sanitizer. Encourage people to continue washing hands, wearing masks may or may not be something you encourage, and do you have space to possibly spread seating out at your reception. All things to consider and we wish you a memorable day and the important part will transcend these times and be your union in marriage.

CDC Mass Gathering Large Event Guidlines

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