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Will Baseball Return in 2020

The Toledo Mud Hens have been a great event partner with UltraSound Special Events Inc. in collaboration with Hensville Sunday baseball events for families and kids during baseball season. We will miss in person real stadium seats for OPENING DAY but wanted to share the virtual experience with you and can't wait until stadiums re opens to “America’s greatest past time”. Baseball isn’t gone for 2020 and we are holding out for hope that the 2020 season can be salvaged to provide great family weekends and entertainment for fans.

MLB opening day has come and gone March 26 and our seats along with thousands of baseball fans set empty as the cancellations, postponement, and rescheduling of thousands of events similar to baseball rolled into Ohio. Opening day parade, “mass gathering”, and enjoyment of “America’s best past time” were put on hold as the battle of COVID-19 emerged. We will also miss the Toledo Mud Hens opening day festivities. The question is will baseball return in 2020?

MLB has discussed, although not conclusive) starting the season in Mid May without fans and staging a return of baseball, however, no decisions have been released on a timetable or structure for the return of fans to major or minor league stadiums. Optimistic tweets have rumors are circulating about a fan return around the 4th of July holiday, although every day is important in the battle of the COVID-19 crisis and the return of baseball, concerts, and summer festival events. #openohio

The April 16, 2020 4:05 p.m. first pitch will be thrown out “Virtual” Opening Day Event" for the Toledo Mud Hens season and you might want to grab some peanuts, the “BIG” Ball park hot dogs, perhaps some nachos, or a hamburger and long for the summer sun and real life crack of the bat.I won’t mind the parking fee at all as long as the true experience of baseball and special events returns!

Currently there is a business initiative to study the safe and responsible opening of Ohio Businesses and events to salvage the economic conditions before collapse. With the closing of business, UltraSound Special Events Inc. has had layoffs of staff and continue managing essential business functions. We do look forward to the return of all our "essentail" team members and support all small businesses through the COVID-19 crisis. We continue to miss working with partners for special events and in this case, the awesome " Mud Hens Fans!!" The Ohio House Economic Recovery Task Force will be meeting today at 12:30 p.m. #openohio

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