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Millie’s Café-- Ottoville continues with us as a WEDNESDAY NIGHT SINGO location with SINGO this Wednesday night June 6. If you’re talking Buffalo Wings, Millie’s is a finalist in the National Buffalo Wing Festival and WON 3rd place in the Creative Sweet Category for their wing sauce! Millie’s Cafe is located at 141 N Canal Street Ottoville, OH. Millie’s has also hosted other UltraSound events like the Budweiser Mindball tournament and DJ services on different occasions throughout the year. SINGO kicks off THIS WEDNESDAY from 7 – 9 P.M.

What's the atmosphere like at Millie's? Well, check out the bottle cap tables at Millie’s and you'll be pleased that Wednesday is featured as Naked Wing night. The tables are a design unique to Millie's!! We can’t verify that the wings are actually naked when they are covered in award winning sauce dripping off every wing, but we've taken their word for it! We’ve actually wondered if wing Sauce makes a good marker for SINGO squares? We don’t, however, recommend eating the SINGO Cards! Play SINGO and watch our Fb posts for the Wednesday rotation at Millie’s.

Millie's provides aome awesome prizes and SINGO is provided by UltraSound Special Events Inc. SINGO continues expanding to a number of locations throughout the area. Free to play, hang out, listen to different music each night, and follow along to win PRIZES at local establishments. We have begun featuring existing locations and limited space available for YOUR FAVORITE summer hang out to also provide SINGO!! Lindsey is the resident host for Millie’s and we are determining the music categories for this week. Maybe a Party Starter, 90’s, or Classic Rock category will be Wednesday??

Millie's will return to the National Buffalo Wing Festival for 2018! Also in Putnam County, check out SINGO at Wibby’s in Kalida. Millie and Wibby rotate Wednesdays for SINGO. Suggest SINGO, pass them our social, and we’d love to hang with you soon!! It seems SINGO goes well with wings, burgers, great DRINK SPECIALS, and hanging out with friends.

As ALWAYS, drop our social (twitter) or website with a location that you thinks has an awesome patio, great wings, or would be a cool SINGO LOCATION!

~Sunday SINGO Blog

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