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Bingo Tumbler



“A4… B3…. BINGO!” Calling all the Bingo players of all ages – are you holding a Bingo night? The tumbler is perfect for your next bingo themed event, and no true bingo night is complete without it. The tumbler is a circular cage that drops out bingo balls. Essentially, bingo players will have the bingo cards with randomized numbers/letters. The Bingo Tumbler will drop out a single ball with a corresponding number/letter. The Bingo Tumbler also includes the cage and bingo balls.

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The Bingo Tumbler will complete your favorite night of the week – Bingo night! If you enjoyed the Tumbler, you should check out what else we have to offer. Uniquely, we offer an amazing Billiards table for rent as well! Playing pool is popular, and there are so many customizable game differences that you can play. The Billiards table is unique because it is easily transportable, making it great for any indoor event. In addition, the billiards table includes everything you need to actually play. The Billiards package includes the table, (2) cue sticks, stick chalk, and the necessary pool balls. Call us today to book this extremely fun and popular rental!

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