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Caramel Apple Slicer



Caramel apple slicer is perfect for fall festivals. Simple put the apple in and pull the handle down to get a perfectly sliced apple! By placing a bowl under the machine the apple will drop in place. Next you can add all the toppings you want. Possible toppings include caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, whip cream, nuts, sprinkles…the options are endless!

The best part about using the caramel apple slicer is that since it is in a bowl, its easy to share. Moreover, everybody loves sharable foods!

When planning your fall festival, remember all the other items we rent. We rent tents, all different sizes. We rent tables and chairs. Furthermore we rent carnival rides and inflatable rides! We have all the items you would need to rent with your apple slicer to make the perfect fall festival.

The apple slicer also works well for school carnivals and for college events. Since the apples are in a bowl they make it easy to walk around your event and enjoy eating. You don’t have to worry about people laying down sticky apples.

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