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Dance Floors


The Dance Floors are customizable and perfect for your next party, no matter the type. The dance floor is required to be a flat surface regardless of indoor or outdoor connections. Each piece of the dance floor is securely connected to the next, eliminating any risk of “floor spreading”. Each of our flooring options are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to ensure the highest quality experience.


Let us see those dancing moves with our Dance Floor rentals! The flooring rentals are perfect for every event you expect guests to dance at – weddings, parties, college campus events, and so many more! Dance Flooring is squared and can be customized to your needs. Essentially, our dance floor connects to one another to ensure it is secured together. The only requirement for our dance floor is that it is on a flat surface – whether it be on grass or indoors. Looking to get your flooring customized with LED lights? Our colorful lighting packages are available for dance floors right now – so give us a shimmy shimmy and a shake and a call to book these flooring options today.

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The Dance Floor rentals are perfect for your next event. Do you expect guests to dance, whether it be a slow dance or full-blown macarena! Looking for a more formal speaking type of event? Our Stage Rentals are perfect for your next formal or informal event that you expect a public speaking. The Stage can be used for so many different purposes and the height is customizable for your needs. Don’t hesitate today to call us and check out all our possible flooring options to see if it is perfect for you!

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