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Pony Ride Rental


Pony Rides are traditional to any outdoor event such as a picnic, carnival, fair, fundraiser – and so much more! All the fun without the commitment, you will want to take plenty of rides around. Pony Ride Rental is outsourced at an affordable and low rate, and includes an animal handler. Call today to book!


The Pony Ride Rental is an absolute favorite of each of our customers. Pony Rides are for everyone, but it is a sure favorite among the younger crowd. Essentially, pony ride rentals are typically taken to larger events, such as company picnics, city events, etc. However, we can rent the pony ride nearly anywhere, as long as the dimensions fit. The pony ride rental goes perfectly with our petting zoo or any animal related rental. Proudly serving all of Dayton, Cincinnati, Lima, and so much more – we are in your neighborhood. Relax, have some fun and take a pony ride today!

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