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Searchlight Rental



Searchlights will complete your extravagant VIP experience! The Searchlight rental is a ground-level light that beams into the sky after dusk. Essentially, it shines brightly into the sky (or into the ceiling) for a magical and Hollywood kind of feel. Make your next event an extravagant event with the searchlight! If you need a visual representation of what a spotlight is, remember the DC character “Batman”. The spotlight used in the comics is similar to ours, without the Batman symbol.

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Perfect for your next formal dancing party, such as a wedding, company event, or even graduation! The Dance Floor Monogram is popular when you want to display a message on the floor. All you need is the monogram designed, and our dance floor monogram will do the rest of the work. Essentially, a monogram is where you display over top of something else. The dance floor is the perfect addition to the monogram, because what is more fun than dancing on patterns or words? Also, the monogram can display either messages or patterns and colors. No matter the type of the event, if you have dancing, the monogram is the necessary addition!

Are you having a streaming event of your favorite show? Having a film night? Maybe you need a professional video projector rental? Perfectly, we offer video projectors and screens for any event! No matter what you’re streaming, our high-tech audio visual equipment will make your event a premium event. We offer multiple sizes of video projectors and matching screens, all the way from a small wall projection to even a drive-in movie projector screen! Essentially, we offer the projector and screen separately, and the customer provides the streaming equipment. Don’t hesitate to book a video projector or screen today!

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