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Stage Rental


The Stage Rental is perfect for any kind of event, and works perfectly for any public speaking events. Serving locally near you, we provide the best quality stage rental in the area. No matter the type of event, we can customize to your needs! Thanks to our extensive linen department we offer plenty of skirts or backdrop options to ensure the speaker’s podium is as professional as possible. Call us today to check availability and quote your order.


Are you having a formal event and need a stage for the speakers to stand out? UltraParty is proud to offer stage rental for all our customers. Stages are typically best paired with events where public speakers are expected. Essentially, our stage is black and can be covered with skirting as necessary. Nevertheless, the stage package includes how many pieces you need and the legs to elevate it. Staging essentially connects to another, with a flat surface, our stage can be anywhere. No matter the event, our stage should be perfect for your next event!

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Do you have the room for your guests to boogey? Enough room for your guests to break-it-down? Thankfully, UltraParty is proud to offer dance floor rentals for your next formal or informal party! The beautiful sleek and finished wood, the dance floor covers all aspects of dancing needs. Essentially, our dance floors and stage are always securely connected to the next, making it perfect for any event of any kind. Importantly, please note that both dance floor and staging must be flat, otherwise pieces cannot properly connect together.

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The Stage Rental is perfect for formal and informal events, and can be customizable! Generally speaking, you might want to see what else we offer, like the Stage Rental. Do not wait to see our great products, with our frequently up-to-date YouTube channel. Alternatively, if you have interest in seeing what our customers say – here are some reviews directly from Google! Even more, we also have a Facebook and Instagram page! The best way to stay up-to-date with our new products and services is to follow us!


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