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Toilet GoGo Racers


The Toilet GoGo Racers come with four to six Toilet GoGo Racers, a super funny and exciting method to race. Typical race cars simply will not do, and have the best seats in the house! The toilet seats! Completely clean and sanitized for COVID-19 protection, you will have a blast on these seats. No track is provided, so it is up to the host to determine the racing course. Toilet GoGo Racers are best recommended for indoor events due to needing steady traction – but can also be outdoors as well!


The cleanest and best seat in the house, introducing new for 2022, Toilet GoGo Racers! The Toilet GoGo Racers are a funny and unique method of racing for your next event. No longer are you forced to run with your feet, just pop a squat, and get racing. Toilet GoGo Racers is a popular alternative to your typical tricycle racing, and will be a sure way to bring smiling and laughter to your next event.

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