Safety Certification Presented in PA

November 13, 2014

Kevin Wieging, president of UltraSound Special Events Inc. recently presented at the Pennsylvania Amusement Ride Safety Seminar held in Grantville/ Hershey, PA.  UltraSound presented on development of the existing risk management and safety program utilized in their business for prevention of accidents and safe play.


UltraSound currently has (4) licensed and State tested amusement ride safety inspectors recognized with the Pennsylvania Amusement Ride Safety program.  The program is education based in risk management and accident prevention and provides the knowledge to owners/ operators within the amusement industry.  Along with certification through formal testing, licensed amusement ride safety inspectors are required to complete continuing education and training.


There are many benefits of inflatable amusements that encourage exercise and physical activity.  Patrons also need to be aware of their abilities and children must be supervised.  Inflatable units MUST be properly anchored and installed before use and appropriate supervision prevents accidents caused through overcrowding inside a unit.  Inappropriate use or neglect of rules for safety are leading cause for accidents and injury.  These accidents are preventable with training and supervision!


Inflatables amusements provide colorful and attractive themed units, ability for set up in both indoor and outdoor locations, and opportunity for active play opportunity for children to enjoy participating in.  For more safety information, please contact our office toll free at 419-339-9701. ~ultrasound

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