Congrats OBW on Another Great Camp for 2016

July 19, 2016


Congrats to John Davis, Executive Director of Ohio Business Week (OBW) on a great summer camp focused on preparing students to achieve success if interested in a career in business.  OBW is largely supported through donations from companies throughout Ohio and a large delegation of volunteers serving as Company advisors.  There is much recognition to name in support of the program and several Alumni volunteers also return to be part of the efforts and assist with the management of the business camp held at Ohio Dominican University.


Students attending the camp are organized into fictitious companies to develop a product and business plan that is ultimately evaluated by a panel of judges to determine a winner for the week.  The Emerging Entrepreneur Competition for 2016 provided enough students to organize 10 different companies and featured product development on things such as "Hydro Flo", "Eye Remeber", or "EZ Cake".  You could say "EZ Cake" of Company "E" took the cake as the overall winner of the competition.


UltraSound Special Events Inc. has been a supporter through numerous scholarship contributions and has served as the official OBW provider of entertainment at the dance held to mix a little fun with the business of the week.  At UltraSound, with a 20+ year involvement  with a program like OBW, we all feel like something would be missing should we NOT be involved with such a great program!!  Our appreciation goes out to the OBW Staff, volunteers, and students!


OBW was held June 19-25 in 2016.  More information can be obtained from the OBW Facebook page or from their OBW website.  If you are interested in supporting young leaders through the OBW program, donations are also accepted to continue funding this great program.

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