Why Your Company Needs an Annual Picnic!

January 2, 2017

As I write this it is currently winter in Ohio. But here I am persuading you about your company picnic, as to why you need to keep it, bring it back, or to start having them.  I'll go ahead and give it to you flat and honest. In today's competitive business world, companies have to be more creative than ever to keep quality talent. 


Increase in wages, benefits, or vacation time are not always the way you keep top talented employees. There is a backroom player taking over companies.


In fact, according to Leigh Branham, 89% of managers think that their employees leave for higher salaries when 80-90% of employees actually leave for reasons other than money. So what the heck does a company picnic have to do with that & why could they help you retain employees? 


Let me tell you: 


1. Engagement is my number one reason as to why company picnics are a great idea. When you offer a company picnic you are including your employees entire family. Depending on the size your company, it is possible that not everyone at the company knows everyone. So a company picnic allows those employees to meet and mingle outside of the work environment. 


2. Affordability is my second reason why your company should be hosting a company picnic. When you find a Total Event Service(TES) company, on average expect to spend $20 - $30 per person. That will include the venue rental, the entertainment, and food. This all matters because spending money on your employees and their families shows care about your employees, and not just the revenue they make you. 


3. Requires Teamwork is my third reason why your company should be hosting a company picnic. I could of thrown this into engagement but I wanted to go a different direction with teamwork. In corporate American companies spend thousands sometimes millions on team building activities or on conferences that help create better teamwork. So here is an easy to get teamwork rolling in the office. Get committee together and have them work with the HR department to organize the company picnic. There is nothing better in the world when your employees feel like their opinion matters. 


4. Tax Deductions is my fourth reason and let me be clear.... I am not an accountant so please ask your professional accountant about tax deductions when you have company events. We all love tax deductions and if you are not taking advantage of them, then shame on you! If you don't have an accountant then check out Turbo Tax and Intuit!


5. Have Fun! Okay this is my last and final reason, but I could rant on this topic all day! The most important thing sometimes is sitting back and relaxing. Enjoying the people who work for you and showing your appreciation. We could all agree the always working type of environment doesn't work, and shouldn't be afraid of bringing the office employees together with the warehouse employees.


In conclusion: Throwing a company picnic will have countless benefits. It will be fun, you will learn more about your employees, and your employees will learn more about each other. We spend a high percentage of our lifetime at work, shouldn't the workplace feel more like a family, than a work place? Hosting a company picnic will help you make the workplace not feel like a workplace for a day.  


What kind of company picnics have you done in the past? let me know and e-mail me at terence@ultraparty.com   

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