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Spider Zone Climbing Tower

The Spider Zone mobile climbing structured was actually debuted at the 2008 IAAPA tradeshow and was recognized as the best new product. IAAPA is the largest amusement and entertainment organization in the world and host the annual international trade expo. The Mobile Spider Zone allows participants to explore, crawl, climb and slide from the exit of the mobile climbing tower. The 20’ Spider Zone tower provides six levels of colorful interwoven vinyl layers that provide a safe climbing area for patrons. The fun continues at the top as participants exit and slide down the 22’ high and 35’ long slide. Event organizers will also love the participation level of the attraction as up to 180 participants are estimated per hour.

Listing Details





43' x 12' x 24'


(2) 110v/20amp electrical outlets





1. Assumed Risk. The entertainment equipment has been previously checked to insure safe mechanical operation. However, due to the uncontrollable actions of participants, uncontrollable motions that may be directed toward opponents, or contact involved with this event, injury may occur during participation. In consideration for allowing participation of individuals on entertainment events provided by UltraSound Special Events Inc., contestants agree to hold harmless UltraSound and release them from liability for injuries or damage suffered to person or property.


2. A limit of 1 climber per level is permitted during participation. Climbers hould exit immediately down the slide after reaching top level of tower.


3. Wait for instructions from game attendant before entering “climbing area” and proceed to top level. DO NOT climb back down tower levels to exit unless directed by game attendant in case of emergency.


4. Upon receiving command to begin climbing, keep body square to face of the wall and begin climbing straight up your assigned route. Do not cross over beneath or above other climbers participating at the same time.


5. To EXIT at top of slide, participants should slide feet first and obey all instructions of game staff stationed at the top of the tower.


6. Only one participant is permitted to slide during exit. Be sure slide is clear and previous participant has exited bottom of slide before beginning slide to exit.


7. Upon completing your exit slide, exit immediately from bottom of slide.


Contestant must be in good physical condition to participate in event and free from any pre-existing heart or back problems. DO NOT participate if you are pregnant. If you are currently under medical care or doubt your physical abilities, please consult your physician before participating on this event. Maximum weight 200 lbs. per person.