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Xtreme Trampoline X2

Exciting Sports jumping is safe and fun for all ages! Check out the Xtreme Trampoline X2 for a thrilling event. Participate on one of two trampolines surfaces and safely jump attempting exciting flips and ariels up to heights of 24'. Did you know trampoline jumping is now an Olympic Event? Experience the Xtreme! Call for details on this exciting event.

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31 x 15 x 21


110v / 20 amp





1. Assumed Risk. The entertainment equipment has been previously checked to insure safe mechanical operation. However, due to the nature of climbing activities, this event remains an inherently dangerous activity. In consideration for allowing participation of individuals on entertainment events provided by UltraSound Special Events Inc., contestants agree to hold harmless UltraSound and release them from liability for injuries or damage suffered to person or property.


2. Participants must weigh between 40 – 200 lbs. NO EXEPTIONS and participants are weighed prior to participation!


3. Remove excess or loose fitting items you may be wearing or have on your possession prior to climbing. Remove items from pockets, cellular phones, or items attached to belt.


4. Participants must be harnessed and attached to jumping system by a Trampoline Staff Member. DO NOT attempt to attach or remove auto belay cable to YOUR harness without assistance.


5. DO NOT attempt flips until instructed such activity is safe by Jumpmaster. Obey ALL Commands provided throughout your participation.


6. At end of participation stop jumping as instructed and return to a standing position on the trampoline. Trampoline Staff member must unhook harness and direct you off elevated participation area.


7. Harness MUST fit properly for safe participation. Our Staff may refuse participation to anyone if YOUR safety is a concern.


8. No food, beverages, or smoking permitted on or around the trampoline or harnessing area.


Contestant must be in good physical condition to participate in event and free from any pre-existing heart, knee, ankle and/or back problems. DO NOT participate if you are pregnant. If you are currently under medical care or doubt your physical abilities, please consult your physician before participating on this event.